Hosted by BAU.DE - eLAWo'13 - eLearning Africa Workshop 2013 - Important Dates and Program

Important Dates and Programme

Important Dates

Blended Learning = eLearning + Face-to-Face 
1. eLearning: 08.04. - 23.05.2013
08.04.2013 Deadline for submission of position papers and demos
15.04.2013 Author notification of acceptance and access to e-learning platform and to all video tutorials from










29.04.2013 Personal profile on, wiki page, blog post and upload of the camera ready version of the position paper as a pdf document
30.04. - 23.05.2013 Reading and commenting of at least 3 other accepted position papers on
2. Face-to-Face: 24.05. - 01.06.2013
24.05.2013 Arrival of alumni
25. - 28.05.2013 Duration of the eLearning Africa Workshop 2013
28.05.2013 Excursion day of the eLearning Africa Workshop: Excursion to the Ounongo Technology Centre (OTC) and six rural schools (Rural Knowledge Portal Project). Distributed on all sites, the alumni will teach the pupils and the OTC staff the use of the rich features of the platform. Webconferences between all sites will be established to demonstrate the cooperative functionalities of the platform.
29. - 31.05.2013 Duration of the eLearning Africa Conference 2013
01.06.2013 Departure of alumni
3. eLearning: 03. - 07.06.2013
03. - 07.06.2013 Webconferencing - mobile teaching, learning and working worldwide: Mobile webconferencing sessions from the Ounongo Technology Centre (OTC) and six rural schools (Rural Knowledge Portal Project), PON COLLs, UNAM Regional Centers and the UNAM Ongwediva Campus in the north of Namibia.
Mobile Teaching, Learning and Working in Namibia


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